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Hair Loss And Its Psychological Effects!

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Hair Loss And Its Psychological Effects!

Post autor: Hairsmarket » czw sie 15, 2019 4:58 am

There are few things in life as psychologically damaging to a women's self esteem as virgin human hair loss. Let's face it this is something that only happens to men - right?

Unfortunately you would be wrong. The sad fact is that more and more women are experiencing hair loss and what's more the age profile is also going down. More teenagers in particular are suffering hair loss due to pressures, stress and medication (especially acne treatments).

The main psychological effect of female hair loss is that 'other women' judge you as being unhealthy, unfit and just unattractive. Come on we know that men prefer beauty so a single girl with balding hair is not going to feel she has much in that department to offer!

The good news is that in most cases, at least 90% of women experiencing hair loss the cause can be readily identified and what's more treatment that will reverse the hair loss usually takes about three months and there's a noticeable improvement. Scientists have also notes that when women start to see the hair bundles with lace closure regrowing back the lessening of the psychological worry tends to help the hair grow back quicker!

There are of course cases where hair loss in women is medically related and this can be for example the result of cancer treatment where chemotherapy has destroyed (usually temporarily) hair growth and killed off the strands but luckily not the follicles. So when the treatment stops and hopefully it's been successful the hair usually starts to grow back within 3 months as that's how long it takes for the roots to regenerate and at least 1.5 inches to grow back. many women can and do wear a wig in this period and often only their closest friends will know!

For men the psychological effect differ but are no less severe. Men relate hair to virility. The more human hair extensions the more potent you are! Also men do not suffer so much psychological agony from their peers as up to 40% are balding or bald! So it's much more common - even expected.

Most men who have self esteem problems over hair loss are single and looking for their perfect mate and yes appearance is important - vital. So the trigger to get more hair with men is much more self esteem/vanity related that women!

The good thing as with women is that these days there are ways to get your hair to grow back which will make you feel happier and less worried.

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