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Cork floor maintenance

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Cork floor maintenance

Post autor: qizhen0809 » czw lis 09, 2017 9:11 pm

<p>Cork flooring maintenance than other simple wooden floor, the use of sand should be avoided during the day into the room, the individual sand into, it will not affect the wear and tear, so when the sand into, press into the foot and is pressed into the elastic layer When the footsteps leave, they will be ejected again.</p>
<P>Of course, here to remind, should not be brought too dirty too much sand, it will have mobile wear, so after the sand into the affected, but too much wear, bring sand into the house should be promptly removed, do not need to be equipped with vacuum cleaners, Do not worry about moisture will warp, mildew and so on.</P>
<P>If used for heavy traffic occasions, three or five years if the individual wear, can be used locally to make up, that is, re-add the coating at the local, the method is very simple, wear gently rub the sandpaper to remove Surface dirt, cleaning the floor and then gently wipe clean with a soft dry cloth, re-coating the coating, or at the local coated polyester film.</P>

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