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Some items may have stayed in your cabinets

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Some items may have stayed in your cabinets

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Some items may have stayed in your cabinets or cupboards way past their expiry dates. Also, remember to keep items with earlier expiry dates in the front rows, so that you would be able to use those earlier than the rest. Discard these after a quick smell test to save up on storage space. Always store the heavier items, like large bottles of drinks, on the bottom shelves of the cabinets. Be it the underside of countertop, or around the kitchen island, you can install cabinets to maximize utilization of available storage space. That way, you will always be able to easily keep track of how much of each individual type of item exists in your inventory.

These steps should help you to maximize utilization of free space in your kitchen.
. Apart from that, cutlery racks will also help you keep cutlery in an organized manner.You have to spend several hours in your kitchen every day. Don t keep the discarding process limited to food items, either. Nothing is worse than a cluttered kitchen; not only does it make cooking difficult, but may also affect the maintenance of proper hygiene. Repeat the cleaning and organizing process at least once every six months to ensure that your kitchen always stays organized and provides quick access to whatever you need. After this step, you may notice a good amount of free space in your storage cabinets, which you can utilize for storing new items.

Install cutlery racks

Cutlery is best stored in racks, to ensure quick and safe access. 2 3 cutlery racks installed in your kitchen will not only make it ice blender easier to store knives, spoons and forks, but will also help clear up a lot of clutter. Above all, it results in a sheer wastage of space, which can be counter productive if you already have a lack of space in your kitchen. This is particularly handy if you use separate cutlery for preparing food and eating. Throw out these items as soon as you spot them. Have these painted according to the theme of your kitchen decor, and you will add plenty of aesthetic value to your kitchen decor as well. Also, spices that are more than a year old have possibly lost almost all of their flavors. Here are some pointers on how you can organize your kitchen in a jiffy.

Arrange food items by type in cabinets

Always keep groups of similar types of food items together, when you store those in kitchen cabinets. You can store almost anything in cabinets, from food additives to fragile crockery. Your cutlery will also stay clean and dirt free this way, ensuring proper hygiene. Old rusty cutlery, partially damaged plastic containers, and rarely used knick knacks should be identified and disposed of as well.

Install cabinets and cupboards

These two types of storage furniture can help you maximize utilization of available space. It is best not to keep these in hanging cabinets or cupboards to prevent accidental falling, which can lead to serious injuries. Hang up cupboards on the wall on either side of the Snack Maker oven, or even over the kitchen backsplash for additional storage space. Cabinets can be installed almost anywhere in your kitchen. You can store dry food, spices, and kitchen accessories here. As such, the place needs to be in a well organized state so that you can work comfortably in there

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