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remove the paint, grease, chemical solvents

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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remove the paint, grease, chemical solvents

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<p>rosewood. Now the price of wood is rising, too cheap is absolutely fraudulent. Third, looking for defective furniture, the main force parts such as columns, connecting the column between the load bearing bar near the ground, there should be no large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework shall not be loose, do not allow broken tenon, broken material. Fourth, the strength of the test board strength can be </p>
<p>used to press the finger to feel the firmness of the board. One side of the material should be well-shaped skeleton to be fixed, if the skeleton sparse, a surface will feel empty is not real. 5, touch the surface of the hand on the surface of the furniture, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, whether there is cracks or bubbles. When the panel is covered with veneer and other materials, the color of the product </p>
<p>should be similar to that of the complete product. The surface of the product is not allowed to wrinkle, sticky and leaky. Six, &quot;inverted&quot; test the chair and the furniture side of the face upside down to see how they are made. As for the table, check from the bottom. To see if the joints are tightened with screws and wedges, and the slats are close to the buckle? The seams are free of glue and packing. The above </p>
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