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The World Wide Web is a very competitive

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The World Wide Web is a very competitive

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An active dog is a healthy dog. A good way to keep your dog getting the exercise they need is to find some good active dog toys. It probably wouldn t hurt you to get a little more exercise too. The traditional stick or toy thrown and retrieved works as good as anything.

But sometimes owners have a physical limitation or may not be able to get out and even walk their dog Cheap Miami Hurricanes Jerseys , let alone start exercising with them. Have no fear since in recent years dog toy makes have been hard at work with coming up with new active dog toys.

Some are manual, some are automated, but all provide a great way to exercise your dog on a regular basis. We ve done a little research and have some of the most popular active dog toys listed below:

Bubble Machines ? Evidently dogs love to chase bubbles. There are several products that spew bubbles for your dog to chase and pop. These machines are easy and you can even add flavor to the bubbles. They start around $13 and go up to about $30.

Ball Launchers ? These come in all types and shapes. Some are hand operated, some look and perform like a tennis practice ball launcher, some look and work like a sling shot Cheap Michigan Wolverines Jerseys , and even tennis racket models. They start at around $10 and go up to $35.

Frisbee Type Toys ? Frisbees have been around forever and there are lots of new types and special feature models now available. Some make noise, flash lights, have streamers, and some are super soft to make it easy on your dog s mouth. These start at about $10 and go to $20.

The good thing about these types of toys is that it helps your dog use his natural skills and burn off some extra energy and calories. Some of these toys require a good amount of space that is free of obstructions and any dangerous terrain. That goes for busy highways or streets too. Always make sure the area is safe for full tilt running and there are no possible manmade dangers.

The drawback with the automated versions is they need batteries. And the ones that make bubbles need a water source close by and some type of soap to make the bubbles. The manual ones are low maintenance and can be used anywhere.

The idea behind any of these toys is to get your dog more active and provide some exercise to help keep the weight down and the muscles toned. Probably doesn t hurt the owner to get out and about too. Both the dog and the owner can participate with many of these toys.

And you can always rely on the good old basic stick to throw and let your dog retrieve. Or even make your own version of the stick with any plastic or wood object from around the house. Our dog loves an old piece of rope that we had left over from a tree swing we made for the kids. Anything that throws easy and the dog can get in his mouth will work. Just make sure there s nothing on the device that will be harmful like paint, splinters Cheap North Carolina Tar Heels Jerseys , or sharp edges.

Active dog toys are great for taking your dog out and getting some exercise for you and the dog. From the most simple stick to any of the newer high tech models, all will get the job done.
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