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Not so fast does he have non magnetic tools to work with?

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Not so fast does he have non magnetic tools to work with?

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Not so fast does he have non magnetic tools to work with? His regular tool belt along with any zippered or metal item on his clothing, has to be removed prior to working within that room. Metal detectors much like you find at the airport are used on anyone entering the imaging area.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is the best imaging mankind has created to date, and is safer in terms of radiation exposure, which is a concern with x rays. PVC custodial carts and microfiber sweepers and dusters must be provided, and the reasoning behind them needs to be clearly explained to custodial staff.

A light bulb blows out in your imaging room, and you call the maintenance guy to deal with it. Technicians and doctors in the radiology department wear special clothing that has no zippers or metal trim even their ID card lanyards are all made of low static plastic and cloth. Pacemakers are now being manufactured with MRIs in mind and some are safe to scan, though all caution is taken to avoid it. The metal equipment you see in other areas of hospitals will not under any circumstance be used in the MRI room. However, the Jump Start guidelines for working in an MR environment must be adhered to for the safety of patients and staff, as well as the integrity of the valuable equipment. Magnetic Resonance Imaging, as the name implies, uses a very high powered magnetic field to produce images of the body much sharper and more detailed than any x ray ever could. Doctors use it primarily to see the brain, to look for tumors and muscle damage, and to get clear images of organs. Prepare for this inevitability by having MRI approved tools for tasks within the imaging room. Joints and screws in simple and overlooked items like laundry hampers are made out of non magnetized steel as well.
. Surgical equipment like scissors and scalpels are made out of titanium.An MRI isnt like other forms of imaging.

The room in which the MRI is situated also has to be fitted differently from the other radiology rooms. Ocular x rays will be done on patients beforehand if theres a risk of metal fragments being in their eyes as could happen with a welder or other metalworker. Working within those guidelines will ensure that patients are getting the care they need from a top quality machine that has also been well cared for. Carts, lighting fixtures and even patient transport items like wheelchairs and cots have to be plastic or stainless steel. An accidental projectile from someones pocket could be disastrous or deadly.

Because of that magnet, unusual precautions have to be taken for patients and technicians alike. Even the fire extinguisher has to be cleared for use within and MR environment!

Brooms, mobs and water buckets have to be metal free, meaning the maintenance Spotlight Company crew needs different equipment for cleaning the imaging room. Someone who presents in the ER with a gunshot wound will not be given an MRI until it can be established that the bullet is no longer in the body. Patients will be asked to remove metals such as piercings and jewelry.

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