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choose the right floor

: pt lis 10, 2017 12:03 am
autor: qizhen0809
<p>has good non-slip properties, the elderly and children at home can choose such a floor, safer, and the price is relatively modest, there are many different styles for us to choose, you can first Determine the home decoration style, and then choose the right floor. Three advantages, strong wear resistance. If you buy the more expensive wood </p>
<p>flooring, then we should pay special attention not to scratch, but also to ensure regular maintenance waxing and maintenance of its color and luster. The wear resistance of the laminate flooring should be stronger, with some slight scratching will not leave too much of a trace. Now some of the advanced laminate flooring can also ensure that no </p>
<p>signs left, only our simple maintenance can be prolonged use or to ensure its gloss. However, when moving daily or pay attention to the protection of the floor, after all, not necessarily able to withstand wear too much weight, or to protect the main. Four advantages, high cost. More types of laminate flooring, and the industry's competitive </p>
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