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wood-based panel and wood products

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wood-based panel and wood products

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<p>Wuhan East and West Lake officially put into operation, the largest flooring project in central China. Put into operation, the annual production capacity will reach 2 million square meters, to fill the Hubei self-produced solid wood flooring blank. Jingjiang network news (Chutian Metropolis Daily) (trainee Dong Shufang) '11',<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/floor/3464.html'>recyclable hollow composite decking brands</a> the Yellowstone to strengthen the floor prices generally rose, and now every square meter of the public to dig 5 yuan or so. Yesterday, Mr. Zhou said, because the floor price generally rose 5 yuan -6 yuan, his house new house decoration,composite decking tongue groove glue on the floor a need to spend 600 yuan. Many agents have said that this month has received notice of </p>
<p>the manufacturers price adjustment, 3 days to strengthen the floor has begun to rise in prices per square meter at first only rose 3 yuan, now has risen 5 yuan -6 yuan.<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/deck/197.html'>composite decking roof</a> A sales staff said that since the beginning of September, there have been some brands to strengthen the floor prices, but most of the brand floor is rising from the National Day. It is reported that due to the shortage of timber resources,cheapest composit decking brand wood flooring and solid wood flooring has been the price of the past. And this price has finally spread to the market sales of a large floor to strengthen. A floor Huangshi marketing center responsible person Yejing Li introduced, on the one hand due to crude oil </p>
<p>prices, resulting in increased transport costs, on the other hand is due to the country's major production base of the substrate manufacturers to raise the price of the substrate directly led to those by the purchase Substrate production to strengthen the floor of the enterprise cost increase. 'This specification of the floor has never been produced.'<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wall-panel/461.html'>vinyl stockade fence installed cost per foot</a> Formaldehyde for the product exceeded the event, Hubei Ju Ning Forest Industry Co., Ltd.how long will redwood decking last official yesterday formally responded. He said that the country has now submitted to the quality inspection departments close to the specifications of the product, and apply to the industrial and commercial authorities in different </p>

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