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Bamboo floor care must be careful

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Bamboo floor care must be careful

Post autor: qizhen0809 » śr lis 08, 2017 6:44 pm

<P>Solid wood flooring and then delicate, but spray every four or five days on the oil instead of solid wood flooring adverse. Due to the wooden floor to maintain the natural wood, moisture in the air has a certain degree of moisture absorption, the environment is too dry or too dry will produce dry shrinkage, swelling, resulting in deformation, cracking. Oil really can keep the floor bright, to extend its life, but the oil contains moisture, excessive use of the floor caused by a lot of water, wet and dry imbalances arching.</P>
<P>Solid wood flooring will have different changes due to climate change, in too dry environment, there will be cracking, slits and other issues. Therefore, in routine maintenance, it is necessary to increase the surface humidity in time to ease the floor due to the various problems caused by drying.</P>
<P>But also pay attention to moderation, can not be a large-scale replenishment at once, but can not directly pour the water on the floor, because the solid wood floor itself bogey. The easiest way is to wring the cotton mop to wipe multiple times, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing the surface humidity.</P>

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