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ultra-solid wood flooring

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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ultra-solid wood flooring

Post autor: qizhen0809 » śr lis 08, 2017 7:52 am

<p>few years. So that we can dilute a series of costs, so we will make such a move. China's current brand two-level development is very serious, it should be said that from the brand enterprises,<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/flooring/3406.html'>composite wood decking</a> and now the overall share of only 50% of the entire industry, then a large number of fake and shoddy, poor quality products exist in our market, if not Count this part of the product, in the brand business, our share of about 10 percent can account for such a share. Suspense five: 06 wood flooring industry 70% of the brand will disappear very unlikely to agree, it is difficult to agree with this view.outdoor use wpc flooring Because the Chinese flooring market, it should be said that is still very </p>
<p>confusing, from the demand point of view, but also high-middle and low have demand. 2006 is certainly a very hard year, there must be some cost increases, the price does not go up,<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/panel/1828.html'>industries composite resin</a> or even the decline in prices of SMEs, can not support, and no source of blood transfusion, will quit the production or business areas, but I think The speed will not be so fast, 2006 is just a start. Suspense six: the surface and solid wood,plastic wood malaysia import the overall performance beyond the scope of solid wood flooring, known as ultra-solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring is a product that everyone is very receptive to and liked, but there is a problem with solid wood flooring, </p>
<p>resources are getting less and less, and there must be a good substitute at this time, and solid wood flooring is a good alternative But solid wood flooring also requires some quality wood to do,<a href='http://goodfloorings.com/panel/2932.html'>wood and stone fence designs</a> and our ultra-solid wood flooring is made of high-density board, the material used in raw materials, fast-growing material, it can grow up quickly, it occupies the whole ultra-solid wood flooring 70% of raw materials, that is, we only use 30% of the precious wood species,expanded pvc foam board in spain scarce resources, and 70% can be a large supply of resources. Second, we in the product performance, drawing on a lot of advantages to strengthen the floor, such as more wear and easy to care, </p>

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