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cure the wooden floor

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cure the wooden floor

Post autor: qizhen0809 » śr lis 08, 2017 12:54 am

<p>flooring and tiles are not the same, in the regular medical examination found the following questions, do not know how to cure it? Or let the series compiled for everyone to cure the wooden floor it! 1, the wood floor was horrible Insects invade In general, spray directly with insecticides, and pay attention to keep the floor dry. Or open the </p>
<p>floor to see, there may be hidden dangers paved, such as the keel. Put some desiccant in it, mothballs, fruitless if there are many insects or insects after a large number, then immediately find a professional personnel handling. 2, the shrinkage of the wooden floor and open the gap floor After paving for a period of time there will be shrinkage, </p>
<p>cracking, dry weather is one of the reasons, but the main reason is that the quality of flooring products failed, the installation of technology and subsequent improper maintenance. You can patch yourself, but the repair process troublesome, you need to polish, paint, find color, fill, and then repeat the grinding cycle, and the effect is not </p>
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