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Strengthen the floor installation method

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Strengthen the floor installation method

Post autor: qizhen0809 » wt lis 07, 2017 11:07 pm

<P>Check the ground, the installation of solid wood floor sounds very hard to hear, it is not true, first of all, for the installation of solid wood flooring must be sure to do a pre-check to check the ground is flat,comment faire une fenêtre de fenêtre the surface of the various high or low value difference of 3mm The ground is also dry, clean, or leave a little impurity, the test method is to be a few pieces of film were placed on the floor to be installed on the ground, sealed,Prix ​​composite en bambou en Inde over 12 hours to see if the film has moisture and Some impurities are attached to the small particles above, if not, it shows that the ground is dry and clean.</P>
<P>In the installation of the floor in front of the floor to be placed at room temperature for 48 hours to ensure that this floor to adapt to the environment temperature and humidity, installation time will not be due to thermal expansion and contraction,clôture en vinyle not adapt to the environment caused by the floor size is too large difference . Construction began, the floor installation of the construction method is the use of tiled construction methods, the floor from the wall, columns and other fixed objects to leave a distance between the length of about 9mm, paving, but also to ensure that every Block flooring needs to be staggered 30cm pavement, so look it is very beautiful.</P>

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