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flooring companies should always

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flooring companies should always

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<p>must make environmental protection work from the selection of raw materials to the sales of products in order to fundamentally increase the sales volume of products. Especially in the time when the concept of environmental protection has drawn much attention, flooring companies should always implement the concept of environmental </p>
<p>protection. Floor business environmental protection needs to be implemented China is the world's second largest consumer of wood, wood-based panels, pulp, paper and cardboard consumption ranks second in the world, logs consumption ranks second in the world. Limited resources and the sustained growth of resource consumption, and </p>
<p>the need to protect the ecological environment, the three contradictions, the crisis. In such circumstances, building materials environmental protection industry is to achieve 'true environmental protection,' the key analysis of experts, companies only the product of 'green' and 'renewable' features together, is the 'real green.' Well, flooring </p>
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