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preservative wood, carbonized wood, artificial

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preservative wood, carbonized wood, artificial

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<p>preservatives, it is clean, odorless, processed wood surface can be painted, high-quality CCA agents have a very stable characteristics. As the CCA contains extremely trace amounts of arsenic, there is a certain toxicity, if only used in the outdoors, less harmful. ACQ antiseptic wood: ACQ does not contain arsenic, chromium and other chemical substances, no adverse effects on the environment, and will not </p>
<p>cause harm to humans and animals and plants. This approach is considered to be an effective alternative to CCA, but experiments show that ACQ is not as stable as CCA, is easier to lose, and costs are nearly 20% higher than CCA. So from the market, these two methods of preservative wood should coexist for some time. 3, artificial wood preservative wood classification production of anti-corrosion </p>
<p>wood, anti-corrosion treatment is critical, but can not ignore the choice of wood. In order to enhance the performance of wood preservative, generally select the wood properties of the more prominent wood as antiseptic wood raw materials. Can be used for the production of preservative wood species are Scandinavian pine, the United States South pine, Russian Pinus sylvestris, China Pinus sylvestris, etc., </p>
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