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floor of the national standard E1

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floor of the national standard E1

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<p>formaldehyde released has nothing to do with the thickness of the floor but is related to the performance of the adhesive and the manufacturing process used to produce the floor. National standard GB18580-2001 test criteria The exact test conditions are: test surface area required for the test sample 450mm2 (note that the area, not the </p>
<p>volume, not the thickness), while the sample with formaldehyde on both sides of the aluminum '' '' '' GE Therefore, the final test is the release of formaldehyde on the floor surface, and the thickness of the floor has nothing to do. Some businesses say that heavy plate formaldehyde emission is completely misleading consumption. Q6: What is </p>
<p>the current E0 level of environmental protection speculation? 0.5 is E0, and 0.7 is E1, 0.7 is worse than 0.5? A: China's current floor of the national standard E1. From the use of perspective, 0.5 and 0.7 is not much difference. Detection, due to temperature, humidity, location, operator and other factors, the test results will have some normal </p>
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