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should not be dissolved in a sealed vacuum

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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should not be dissolved in a sealed vacuum

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<p>difference. So according to their own characteristics, the choice of the most suitable for their own needs anti-corrosion wood products. Second, the artificial wood preservative knowledge mentioned that preservative wood, the current general refers to the artificial wood preservative, and artificial preservative wood preservative wood market share is the largest. About it, before buying, you need to </p>
<p>understand the following aspects. 1, artificial anti-corrosion wood preservative treatment methods Artificial antiseptic wood generally use a water-based preservatives should not be dissolved in a sealed vacuum tank on the pressure of wood at the same time, the preservative into the wood fiber. After stress treatment of wood, more stable, preservatives can effectively prevent mold, termites and insects </p>
<p>against wood. 2, the use of preservative antiseptic wood preservative antiseptic products used in preservatives related to its environmental protection, it is necessary to understand what. Preservatives are CCA, ACQ and so on. CCA main component of copper arsenic, ACQ main component of ammonia-soluble alkylamine copper. CCA preservative wood: the early use of anti-corrosion wood CCA </p>
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