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Summer wood floor maintenance work

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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Summer wood floor maintenance work

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<P>Remember to close the doors and windows before going out to prevent the sudden thunderstorms from damp or even flooding the wooden floor. If it is light for a long time in the room, but also pay attention to pull the curtains,полипропилен на квадратный футы the sun will be too violent fade or even deformation of the wooden floor.</P>
<P>When using a mop to clean the wooden floor, mop should try to wring dry, a small amount of water into the seams can also damage the wooden floor. To regular dust,сколько стоила ваша колода with a broom and vacuum cleaners can be, especially in places where the regular trampling even more to keep clean.</P>
<P>Select the appropriate water-based wax, but also pay attention to use only one wax at a time, or mixed together may cause chemical reactions,сосновые прутья so that the wood floor sticky dirty. Do not paint water-based wax too thick, or easy to deface wood flooring surface, more difficult to clean.</P>
<P>Take great care when moving the furniture on the wooden floor and preferably lift it completely to avoid scratching the wooden floor when dragging. More heavy furniture can be installed below the pad.переработанные материалы wpc для пергол</P>

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