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be the first drilling, and then on the screws

Na kazdy temat...... Czyli wszystko co ci spac nie daje albo lezy na watrobie ;-)

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be the first drilling, and then on the screws

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<p>temperature and humidity deformation or cracking, especially in the summer sunshine time longer, the temperature increases, the home of the wooden floor should avoid long-term exposure in the sun. The sun after the floor to avoid immediately with air conditioning straight blow, otherwise the floor will be because of the huge temperature difference to the floor cracking. 2, to avoid the body sweat and wood floor contact with the rising summer gas, people are </p>
<p>easy to sweat, sweat at home or more will drip to the floor, sweat which contains the electrolyte and water on the floor have some damage, so Sweat dripping the floor after the timely wipe. 3, commonly used soft damp cloth wiping the summer how to cool? The best way is to wipe the floor with water, but the wood floor of the weak &quot;constitution&quot; is not suitable for too much water. So the wipes used to clean the wood floor must be weak, and is wring dry to no </p>
<p>dripping. If you want to keep the floor durable, you can regularly for the floor waxing maintenance. Part 2: summer should also be moisture-proof wooden door maintenance do not think that only spring only need moisture, for the wooden door, the summer is also an important time for moisture. Summer typhoon storms, easy to make wooden doors crack, paint, from the arch and so on. 1, the door cleverly set a small door is also pay attention to, in general, </p>
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