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Wood flooring maintenance rules to follow

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Wood flooring maintenance rules to follow

Post autor: qizhen0809 » pn paź 16, 2017 11:55 pm

<P>Today, the wooden floor because of its natural beauty, durability and other characteristics of many consumers have been favored, has become the first choice for ground decoration materials. So,Наружный палубный коврик 12x18 in this season, consumers should be on the home of the wood floor for scientific and reasonable maintenance, so that it has the ability to deal with the upcoming hot and damp summer season.</P>
<P>Wooden floor of the daily maintenance of the day to follow, in general, is to keep the floor full of dry and clean. If you can not use a dripping mop mopping the floor, or wipe the floor with soap and water to avoid damage to the surface paint luster. Summer rainy,каково качество хорошей мусорной корзины leave the room should be closed windows, so as not to rain into the wet wood flooring.</P>
<P>Summer bath, wearing wet slippers should not have a wooden floor to the room. In addition the summer to frequent ventilation, especially the long-term vacant room most likely to appear arch,очиститель колорцы отбеливателя Alice phenomenon, so regular ventilation and ventilation. In addition, to frequent dust, especially in the place where the stampede should be particularly clean.</P>

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