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veneer prices have

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veneer prices have

Post autor: qizhen0809 » śr paź 04, 2017 12:47 am

<p>international timber market red sandalwood floor blank 900 × 90 × 18mm offer for 315 yuan / m2. Third, the recent veneer market veneer performance remained stable, all kinds of products veneer sales did not significantly improve the trend is still stable. Prices, the recent lack of supply of raw materials due to some lead to price increases, </p>
<p>the corresponding types of veneer prices have also risen, like the golden pomelo finally unable to withstand the pressure of supply, the price slightly higher. Guangdong market now gold pomelo thick 0.6mm, AAA grade straight line offer 10 yuan / square meter, up 1 yuan / square meter. The price of other parts of the popular products </p>
<p>continue to be stable, such as the fuselage thick 0.3mm, mountain price 7 yuan / cubic meter; water melon thick 0.6mm, AA grade offer 6.5 yuan / cubic meter; white rubber thick 0.6mm, AAA grade 22 Yuan / cubic meter. Daixin board, by the core board, two solid wood veneer, two solid wood panels bonded paste made of a sheet, </p>
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