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management million tree flooring


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management million tree flooring

autor: qizhen0809 » pt lis 10, 2017 3:18 am

<p>June 28, the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry and Hubei Yan Jialong wood products company announced in the Han, start 'hit it off' floor lock technology standards drafting work,<a href='http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/wall-panel/573.html'>deck tile for flat roof</a> and in the industry to promote to break the Chinese consumers every purchase 1 square meters lock floor, it is necessary to master the core technology of Europe and the United States floor giant, pay 1 US dollars royalties. Now, this situation is changing,composite park bench boards the Chinese flooring companies to develop a 'hit it off' lock technology, will make the Chinese flooring industry, from paying more than 300 million US dollars of patent infringement compensation. </p>
<p>In the 'hit hit' lock technology wood flooring standard drafting ceremony, the patent owner Shenzhen Yan Jialong Industrial Development Co., Ltd. live demonstration,<a href='http://abouthardwoodfloor.com/pvc-fence/2563.html'>faux wood flooring supplier in singapore</a> chairman He Yi letter side of the floor side into another, with a rubber hammer gently knock, The floor is ready for installation. It is understood that the lock is to strengthen the wood floor, with the convergence of the tenon and groove of the insert technology,best price decking the Chinese market to the European oblique interpolation technology. In 2005, two European companies filed a complaint alleging that 17 Chinese companies, including Yan Jialong, violated its locking technology for laminate </p>
<p>flooring. A year and a half later, only Yan Jialong's 'one shot off the lock floor', there is no infringement of the claimant's patent dispute. According to reports,<a href='http://woodenflooringinfo.com/wooden-fl ... advantages of man made timber over solid timber</a> the patented European and American flooring giants have the pricing power, $ 0.3 to $ 0.5 per square meter of patent infringement and $ 1 royalties. Yan Jialong by virtue of 'hit it off' lock technology after winning, the success of foreign companies on the Chinese side of the discriminatory insurance costs 1 US dollars,truck and trailer bed floor composite material reduced to 0.6 US dollars. Germany to Baolong floor in Hunan's flagship store - Wanjia Li store on May 28 grand opening, which is following the Takahashi store, long built </p>

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