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the floor to keep the ground


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the floor to keep the ground

autor: qizhen0809 » czw lis 09, 2017 8:38 pm

<p>problems, so even accidentally knocked the tea on the floor surface, but also promptly wipe it with a cloth or tissue to keep the floor dry. Maintenance methods: Often open the window of the door or install the exhaust ventilation system, to maintain air convection and indoor ventilation, not only make the floor of the harmful chemicals as </p>
<p>far as possible volatile emissions to the outdoors, but also make the indoor humid air and outdoor exchange. 2, fire wood flooring materials are wood, fire performance is poor, so did not extinguish the cigarette butt and matchstick can not be arbitrarily discarded on the ground, there are some household appliances, such as electric stove, </p>
<p>rice cooker, electric iron, etc. can not In the case of electricity placed on the floor, or it is easy to burn wooden floor. Maintenance methods: daily life often cleaning the floor to keep the ground clean and sanitary. Note that when cleaning, try to use dry or wring the cloth wipe dry, if you must use water-containing material to clean the floor, </p>
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