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role of shelter from the floor


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role of shelter from the floor

autor: qizhen0809 » czw lis 09, 2017 8:35 pm

<p>of the owners of the room floor is not completely flat, in order to ensure the level of wood floor pavement, the keel played the role of the ground leveling; solid wood flooring can not be directly on the ground, the need to pave wood keel to increase solid wood Feel the floor. If it is laying laminate flooring, generally do not need keel </p>
<p>primer. Floor keel from the material can be divided into wooden keel, steel keel, aluminum keel and so on. Much of the use of wooden keel, and the quality of the quality of the keel directly related to the firmness of the floor and the environmental protection of the home environment. Baseboard skirting, buckle In the process of laying the </p>
<p>floor, the connection between the wall and the two areas needs something as a cover to beautify the overall effect, and the role of the baseboard and the buckle is reflected in this. Baseboard, also known as the skirting board, affixed to the wall, the role of shelter from the floor and suppress the floor, while both landscaping, generally wood, </p>
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